Norwegian Society for Oil and Gas Measurement

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Fiscal Gas Metering

The estimated duration for this course is 4 hours.

This course can be launched in two different ways. One where you can jump around freely, using the material as a reference guide or getting a refreshment on a topic. This mode does not contain a final assessment, and you will not receive a diploma after finishing.

Alternatively, you can register a user here and launch the course with guided progress throughout. You can not skip ahead, but you can go back and repeat parts of the course. Creating a user is required in order to store your progress so you can resume the course at a later date.

When the course material is finished, you will be given a final assessment, and a diploma can be printed.

No assessment, jump freely

Level 1

Learning level 1 is general; intended for operators, managers etc.

Launch level 1 without assessment

Level 2

Learning level 2 is specific; intended for engineers, measurement technicians etc.

Launch level 2 without assessment

With assessment, guided progress

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