Norwegian Society for Oil and Gas Measurement

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Fiscal Gas Metering

The estimated duration for this course is 4 hours.

This course can be launched in two different ways. One where you can jump around freely, using the material as a reference guide or getting a refreshment on a topic. This mode does not contain a final assessment, and you will not receive a diploma after finishing.

Alternatively, you can register a user here and launch the course with guided progress throughout. You can not skip ahead, but you can go back and repeat parts of the course. Creating a user is required in order to store your progress so you can resume the course at a later date.

When the course material is finished, you will be given a final assessment, and a diploma can be printed.

The course requires a modern browser to work correctly, meaning an updated version of Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari.
Internet Explorer 11 and Edge Legacy are not supported at the moment.

No assessment, jump freely

Level 1

Learning level 1 is general; intended for operators, managers etc.

Launch level 1 without assessment

Level 2

Learning level 2 is specific; intended for engineers, measurement technicians etc.

Launch level 2 without assessment

With assessment, guided progress

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